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301 East 1700 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 • Phone: (801) 486 - 0345
About Danny's


My name is Ian Conly. I am a second generation jeweler, having apprenticed with my dad, Danny, and mom, Claudia, in their jewelry business for many years.
I have been educated in many different modalities of the jewelry field and have enjoyed applying them for over 32 yrs.
My family's jewelry business began nearly 40 yrs ago. Danny began by building and selling silver and turquoise jewelry. Before long his customers convinced him into working in gold and precious stone and diamond.
Claudia came in to the business as a collector and seller of Native American arts. Mainly of handmade silver jewelry. Turquoise, shells, and other organics, such as coral are often mounted and /or inlayed in these artfully created designs. Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi American Indians are primarily the artists she shows.
I came in to the jewelry business in 1986 after attending the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Santa Monica California. I studied  GIA's Jewelry Manufacturing Arts program before returning to the family business "Danny's Jewelry" to practice my new skill. Many years at the jewelry bench have taught me many great skills! I have a collected knowledge of custom jewelry construction, hand fabrication and wax model carving.  I have a great shop, chock full of tools, for just about every jewelry repair task my customers have brought to my rescue over the years.
My wife, Heidi has grown up in Salt Lake City. Heidi is a graduate of the University of Utah and now works for ARUP Laboratories in Research Park.
Heidi, I and our five children (Grace, Aaron, Ryan, Brandon, and Alex) welcome you to our family store!
You will find quality service to fit all your needs.
Gold, Diamond and Precious stone design, remounts and repair. Silver and turquoise Native American jewelry, watches, watch band sizing, watch batteries installed and more...all expertly done on our premises.
We want to be your full service jewelry store.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday
10 AM - 5 PM



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